Our most important asset at JTR is our reputation for quality and integrity.  At JTR, we get the job done on time and on budget as promised.  As a result of our “good will” developed over the course of 13 years, utilities and their consultants have sought our services by “word of mouth”.  Good work results in referrals which, in turn, trigger more requests for our services.

Every company has a philosophy, a culture, an ideal by which that company works and by which it is known.

The reason behind our philosophy - and the key to JTR's success - lies in its dedicated, talented employees and consequently the excellent working relationships we've built in the industry.

All of our employees are local people, raising families here. We find that we often personally (or our extended families and friendships) use the resources that we build.

And because we all use them, depend on them for the safety and well being of our families and friendships and community in general, we look at each project with pride of ownership, and we individually take pride in building you the absolutely best product we can.

Our philosophy is not just for brochures or web pages. We don't just want you to know us by a branding phrase, but instead by our attitude, a way of actually doing business every single day at all levels of expertise and responsibility.

We don't feel that we just build a treatment plant, a pump station or a reservoir. We think of it as building communities where our kids go to school, our spouses drive, our parents play golf, our neighbors shop, our friends go to work.

It's JTR's philosophy that we have a purpose behind the daily workload. We work with our people to understand that it's more than just a job, it's providing a service that they can take pride and satisfaction in having a part in. It's important, it's useful, and that makes each project special.

That helps us recruit and retain the highest quality people.